The Car GPS Tracking and GPS Unit

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The Car GPS Tracking and GPS Unit

Recently, gps tracking is available to everyone as the new technology develops. Many people are interested in car and car gps tracking. Because of the vehicle and relevant products, the relevant businessmen earn much more money by selling these products. For example, many private citizens like to use the gps tracking to keep track of there family members and their valuable asset. The cost of a gps auto tracker has dropped over the last year. But the new generation of the gps unit is smaller and more personalized, so these kind of devices will be more expensive.

There are two technologies for purchasing a gps tracking device. The older logger unit is less expensive to purchase, and it does not reply on the expensive subscription with a gps tracking company. These kind of devices are set in the target car during the period that you want to track then retrieved. The unit is connected to a computer where the tracking devices have the ability to be very small and discreet. The major disadvantage of using a logger is that car navigation system all the information is relatively stale or historic.

There is the real time gps tracking device. Like their name implies, they could provide tracking information that is relatively current in nature. Since these gps tracking devices need to transmitter to upload the tracking information to a gps tracking service provider, they are usually larger than loggers. Usually, people use existing cell phone technology to uploading the car or car gps tracking data. The service company will make a query of the gps auto tracker on a predetermined time frequency and then display it on their website. The tracking service is not free. It will charge you some fee a month. The amount depends on how frequent they download the gps information to their website for your use the service. At present the standard for tracking updates is about 5 minutes between tracking updates. You could save a lot money by selecting long periods between downloads.

There are many gps relevant products recently, such as the all in one unit car dvd gps player, which has dvd player, Bluetooth, ipod ready, touchscreen, and so on. This could satisfy people’s specified demands. It is true that this kind of gps navigation system can not tracking, but maybe sooner or later, it will be added the tracking function. The all in one unit is very popular these days. 

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The Car GPS Tracking and GPS Unit

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This article was published on 2011/10/19